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Enoch City Arts

We inspire our community through performing arts.

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Our mission is to INSPIRE.  And performing arts are our chosen means to accomplish it.

To inspire means "to exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on".  When we feel inspired, we have more hope for the future. We do our best work.  We want to be more kind.  And inspiration helps us to innovate in wonderful ways.  

Performing arts have the power to speak to minds and hearts, and can be used to communicate many things.  At Enoch City Arts, we choose to communicate positivity, humanity, community, hope and love.  We communicate these values to our students in our classes, as we help them develop their talents and skills.  We communicate these values to our patrons, as they experience our performances.  And we carefully curate the material we share with the world, to make sure it helps us to achieve our mission.  

Entertainment is the means.  Inspiration is the mission.  

Welcome to our beautiful city.

Our Team

We're gathering a dream team of volunteers and mentors to lead Enoch City Arts.  We'll have more to tell you about them soon.  Perhaps you are one of them!

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