What's Happening?

What's been going on lately?
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club every Monday

  • CSTNW's "Complete Works of Shakespeare, abridged" is in rehearsal

  • CSTOCK's "Matilda" rehearsals have concluded

  • Private Voice Lessons

  • Homeschool classes and individual rehearsals

  • Puppet Museum meetings

  • "All Together Now" rehearsals have concluded

  • "The Picture of Dorian Gray", an original new musical, was debuted by Amateurs At Large 

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New players welcome.

No reservation necessary.

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CSTOCK is rehearsing Little Women here at ECA.  It will be performed at Silverdale Lutheran Church. 

Tickets are available at: 


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Singers are asked to get familiar with one or more of the parts from this version of Viva la Vida for the audition:


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Classes Coming Soon:
  • Acting
  • Choir 
  • Critical Thinking 
New classes begin in Early 2022...

A Place for All

Performing Arts that Inspire 

At Enoch City Arts, great experiences are waiting for you. Whether it's a drama class, a play performance, live music, a student showcase, or a comedy improv, there will be a lot for you to see and do! 

Improv Group