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Some Rules for Building Use

Welcome to Enoch City Arts!  We’d love to see you join our community of artists, teachers and enthusiasts. Our purpose is to help you thrive.  While using the Enoch City Arts Studio, you and your group will be required to follow these rules:

1. We're an all-ages space, so material performed at Enoch City Arts must remain safe for kids.  While a project may be geared entirely toward adults, excessive profanity and explicit material are not appropriate in the studio.  (“Please keep it PG.”)

2. Adults are not allowed to be alone in the building with minors.  You need a second adult with you to be in the building when people under 18 years old are present.  (The only exception to this rule is when the adult and minor(s) are in the same family.)  You should avoid situations where someone might later be able to claim that inappropriate behavior took place.  If you or someone in your group needs to speak privately with a minor, please do so within the view of other people.  


3. Groups are required to leave the building clean, tidy and secure at the end of every activity.  Please do the following things:

  1. Return furniture to it’s proper place

  2. Clean up any dirty surfaces & floors

  3. Take your trash out to the dumpster 

  4. Turn off lights

  5. Lock both the front and back doors


4. You may not store anything at the studio unless you have permission.  Even with permission, Enoch City Arts cannot protect your property from theft and damage, and you are responsible for your own items when they are in the studio.   

If these rules work for your project, and you think our space is a good fit, please contact us.  We'd love to meet you and help you reach your artistic goals.

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